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  • Unique Gift  Idea- Tickle her or his heart with the only houseplant that reacts to affection!
  • This Gift Box Includes Everything you need to grow and share the plant that REALLY MOVES when you Tickle it!
  • Leaves also close and branches fall down when you blow it a kiss or caress the leaves.
  • Adult TickleMe Plant can even produce sparkling pink flowers!
  • Great alternative to Roses! Can be grow indoors even in Winter!
  • This romantic TickleMe Plant gift Includes:
  • 2 four inch flower pots
  • 2 soil wafers that expand when you add water
  • 2 Packets of TickleMe Plant Seeds (Mimosa pudica) (an $11.00 Value!)
  • 2 cards with fun experiment ideas and growing tips.
  • Item #: You Tickle My Heart Gift Box

NEW "You Tickle My Heart" Gift Box -

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