"New" Gift for Mom - I'm Tickled You're My Mom!
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NEW! "I'm TICKLED You're My MOM" - Gift Box Set - To grow the only house plant that closes its leaves and lowers its branches when you Tickle it or blow it a Kiss!

This Gift is a Unique Mother's Day Or Birthday Gift that Mom will love! The TickleMe Plant is easy to grow and will Tickle her heart. The TickleMe Plant is the only plant that reacts to affection! The leaves fold and the branches fall down when you Tickle it or blow it a KISS! Adult TickleMe Plant can even produce sparking pink flower! The seeds can be stored for years so consider buying it for Mother's Day or for Mom's Birthday as well.

This Pink Gift Box includes everything for your Mom to easy grow this interactive plant

1 Pack of TickleMe Plant seeds (10-20 Mimosa pudica seeds per pack)

1 four inch flower pots.

1 soil wafers that expand to fill the pots when you add water.

Easy growing instructions and fun ideas to do with your TickleMe Plant.

  •  Everything you need to grow the plant that REALLY MOVES when you Tickle it!
  •  Leaves also close and branches fall down when you Blow it a KISS!
  •  Adult TickleMe Plants produce sparkling pink flowers!
  •  Great alternative to cut flowers! Can be grow indoors even in Winter!
  • Item #: TMPMOM

"New" Gift for Mom - I'm Tickled You're My Mom!

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